You CAN help / You CAN make a difference

You CAN help / You CAN make a difference

"Pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” -James 1:27

Our pharmacist, Scott May, has been busy working behind the scenes to get medicine to those in Ukraine. Here is a quick update from him about how the Lord has been powerfully working to move this project along!

"As a pharmacist God has used my education and experience to help as a healthcare provider or educator on trips overseas. From those trips I've come to view what God does in my life, including day to day, as on the job training. One of the lessons God has taught me is the value of relationships. And it was through relationships that God worked to supply over 25,000 doses of much needed medication to Ukraine.

Not knowing where to begin I contacted a man God placed in my life several years ago that has worked in medical missions since 1970. He directed me to MAP International a Christian organization supplying medication internationally. Through phone calls and emails I was able to establish an account with them, but we were short a key part of the ordering requirements...a doctor.

I have many relationships through my time in Asia with physicians, but their experience and calling are very much to that part of the world. I began to reach out to them not wishing to strain the fabric that God had used to knit us together. Believing time was of essence, as a church body we called upon God through prayer, exercising that most special relationship of believer and Savior. And through that God provided a doctor.

The Sunday morning we prayed in Idaho, there was a doctor worshipping in Colorado. During our prayer it came to his mind that he needed to call me. A curious thing since he did not have my phone number and has never contacted me before! We were known to each other as members working in the same "ripe field", but this was God drawing together again as He has so often done before. This doctor heard my story and immediately he said yes. Within days an order was placed, packed and delivered to Idaho and is now bound for Ukraine."