Other Ways to Support Ukraine

Minesweepers, Drones, and Ammo - Jake Knotts
DM Jake on his Facebook page to find out how you can support his efforts. He is the owner of a central coast container company and he is leading an on-the-ground humanitarian effort in Poland for Ukrainian refugees displaced by the most recent Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Read more here or here or check Jake Knotts' Facebook page for latest updates and to direct message him for ways to help.

Short Term Missions
Interested in sending short-term missions teams to serve refugees in Hungary and Poland? Visit BridgeUA.

Ongoing Medical Aid to Ukraine
Respond to critical requests for medical aid from recently liberated territories and field hospitals. Visit BridgeUA.

Visit Restore UA to get involved with organizing evacuations of women and children from various war torn areas in Ukraine.

Calvary Global Network
Those who have stayed in Ukraine need funds for food and fuel. Refugees in Hungary and Poland need funds for food and shelter. Visit Calvary Global Network to get involved.

Housing for Ukrainian displaced families
Support local church and ministry partners on the ground in Ukraine with Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

Sasha Andriyashina
Sasha Andriyashina is a chaplain who also does mission work in the East. To support Sasha contact Tim Emerson at tandcemerson@gmail.com

Other Ways to Help

June 24th, 2024

Ukraine Emergency Relief

Welcome to our website dedicated to supporting Ukraine. Here you will find various ways that you can contribute to relief efforts and support the Ukrainian people. Our goal is to provide a platform where individuals from all over the world can come together to offer their support and make a positive impact. Whether you are able to make a donation, offer your prayers, or simply spread awareness about the situation in Ukraine, we invite you to join us in standing with the Ukrainian people during this difficult time. Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to those in need.

How You Can Help

Donate to Dima Polischuk's local church in Vinnytsia

With the war's effects being felt all over the world, this also affected Dima who continues to have a burden for others and goes forward to meet those needs. With his working hours being reduced, he first focused on ensuring that our church was taken care of but knew there was more he could do and this is where we turn to you, friends, for help...read more.

Donate to Illya Yarmil's local church in Kyiv

As a small local church, we care about our region and people here. We live in the Podil district of Kyiv. Our church has 8 members already and together we have up to 30 people with whom we build relationships and evangelize their hearts. We care for one elderly couple and a large refugee family from Kramatorsk as much as we can.

In future we want to have our own coffee shop, as a church, to build an even bigger community. We are working with the owners of an existing coffee shop in Podil and are creating an entrepreneur/humanitarian project to make fuel briquettes for wooden stoves out of used coffee grounds.

And of course we plan to continue to multiply Jesus' disciples here on Podil, Kyiv by sharing the Gospel and God's Love.

Donate thru PayPal

Donate to Living Water Ukraine

We are an official Ukrainian charity Foundation - Living Water Zakarpattia (government id - EDRPOU 40175466). We are also a local church - Living Water Mukachevo (Pastor Joel Brown). All our donations are tax-deductible through the stateside church - Calvary Chapel Living Water in Garden Grove, CA - Tax ID 20-1791293.

Since the beginning of the war we have housed 12,000 internally displaced refugees. We have evacuated 3,500 people from active war zones. We have distributed aid and have fed over 55,000 people. Over 60,000 people have heard the Gospel through our efforts.

Currently we have two commercial buildings we use as refugees shelters plus 3 houses we use as dormitories. We currently house around 150 daily. The number can fluctuate a little as people come and go. About half are currently with us long term, their houses having been destroyed or cities occupied. We also still distribute food aid throughout Ukraine with a special emphasis on the city of Glukhiv 10 miles from the Russian border (they were under occupation until liberation). We provide the monthly food and hygiene support for two rehab centers, an elderly care home, a mentally and physically disabled care home, and a prison. Beyond that we have a network of aid organizations and churches we regularly send supplies to for distribution. We are currently renovating a village house to hold up to 30 at a time and be used as a retreat center. We will be hosting trauma conferences there for teams of volunteers from around the country that have been serving non-stop since the war began. Our project at the moment is a big project - we want to raise $100,000 to buy a facility that can be used as church and refugee housing. This is part of the long term goal as donations dwindle so we can continue to care for the "least of these" without paying rent.

We have lots of links:
livingwaterua.com - setup as a landing page since the war
facebook.com/jsterlingbrown - this is what we use most of all
jsterlingbrown.com - ministry missionary page

Donate thru PayPal

A Must-See Video

This is a short film about Russia's war on Ukraine and the Bucha Massacre, probably the most horrific act in Europe since World War II.

The War Stories You’ll Never Hear About the Ukraine War
(Please Note: this video is age restricted due to the content. )